Adventures at Home

Tronster is happily married to a beautiful and sociable partner. With the pandemic restrictions easing up, their family is now able to visit and host parties again. Parties and gatherings are a great way to stay connected with loved ones. Sunshine and I also enjoy hosting a few parties every year, but planning and coordinating with friends and other social events can be challenging. One of the best things about parties is the opportunity to decorate and transform the house in creative ways. We always try to be thrifty while doing so. Below are five things we use during our celebrations, to make the event extra special.

    Backdrop Stand

    This backdrop stand is reasonably priced and has held up for me. I have used it indoors and outdoors. It works better indoors because it is lightweight.


    Having the right backdrop for the event is also important. Make sure you get one that will fit on your stand. Here is a birthday backdrop.

    Take Away Trays

    I am not sure about your typical party, but at ours, we ask our guests to take the leftovers home. A doggie bag. Having a few recycled containers from your local restaurant will come in handy. These are the ones we like to share with our friends.

    Photo Props

    To create a fun activity at home, you can set up a small photo booth using a backdrop and stand. Keep some props for people to enjoy. This can bring people together. You can also choose a theme for your photo booth. For example, we used this pack to create a welcome home party for one of our friends. nearby and see a great way to


    Balloons with and without a stand are always a hit. They are fun for the little ones that may show up, and adults like them too. We never spend a lot, and they will add to any decorative theme you have going.

    Here is a video of our humble home decorated for our last Halloween party. We had so much fun. Much of the decorations were bought online from Amazon

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