Colmar France

A few years back, my smoking-hot wife and I were able to take a little trip to Europe. We visited friends and shared a lot of great memories. One of the places we were able to visit was Comlar Franc


Apparently, it is the third largest commune in the Alsace Region of northeastern France. We had no idea, we just had the opportunity to take a tour. We jumped on it, and I was certainly glad. The town boasts it is “the capital of Alsatian Wine”. As for me, I don’t drink. The city is renowned for the well preserved old town, architectural landmarks, and museums. Our time there did not allow us to take in many of the museums, however, we did walk around the old town.

I want to thank you all for stopping by, and if you have had a chance to visit Colmar, and try the wine. Let everyone know if it is good, bad, average, or the best Alsatian Wine you have ever had.

Salmon Run

Sunshine and I were able to take a nice vacation to Alaska.  More details later, first I wanted to share the site and the amazement I felt when learning about the Salmon.

The Pacific Northwest is known for salmon.  This year I am sure was no different than previous years.  The Salmon Run was almost over while we were visiting.  Sitka Alaska allowed us to see a large number of Salmon.  As a fisherman, I found the hustle and bustle of the run to be very exciting.  As someone who eats what he catches and not a fan of Salmon, I was still impressed. 

Salmon, which are born and spawn in freshwater, live most of their lives in saltwater.  Apparently, this is not true for all species of Salmon.  (I did not know there was some freshwater Salmon). The life in the open ocean lasts between 3 and 5 years for the salmon we observed.  They have been tracked to travel thousands of miles to return to fresh water. It has been studied and determined they also have a homing-type sense.  They generally return to the same waters they were born to spawn and lay eggs.  Who knew? 

I also learned that salmon will rapidly age and deteriorate after spawning.  So if the bears, eagles, hawks, or humans don’t get’em, they just die.  While walking around the different towns in Alaska, I witnessed several salmon just dying.  I was told we were there towards the beginning, so several were still active, but in a couple of weeks, the smell may be a touch more prevalent. 

Thanks for checking out my little blog, please come back, and check out some more. 

Throwback Tuesday

The Republic of Zambia is a land locked nation in southern Africa.  The capital city  is Lusaka.  I know what your thinking, I can’t believe I am learning something new during the A to Z challenge of 2013.  Regardless, my travels to Lusaka included a trip to a near by lodge to have a day at the Safari.

It is about an hours drive outside of the city of Lusaka.  My host was kind enough to drive, considering I do not know my way around the country side.  The cost includes a full day of activities, food and drinks.  I do not drink alcoholic beverages myself.  Its a lifestyle choice I made when I was very young.  My host and friends however, do enjoy and occasional cocktail.  While sitting on the porch of the lodge we place our order.  I receive the same drink as everyone else.  A rum and diet Pepsi.  It was very weak so I had no problem with the drink.  I guess that is what you get with open bar.

This particular lodge kept the dangerous animals in fenced 2 or 3 acre areas.  It was a wildlife preserve.  The lion you see here was waiting for the rest of the pride to bring him lunch as we walked up to the fence.  One of the workers had just thrown a piece of an antelope over the fence.  you not only hear the growls, you can fell them in your bones.

It was an amazing trip.  I was able to go horseback riding through the park and on a jeep safari.  The staff was extremely friendly and hospitable.  We took advantage of the one day option, however, there are cabins to rent and places to sleep.  I think this area is a little less expensive than the big safaris in South Africa.

Other fun facts about the country, the population is about 80% literate.  With all my travels in Africa, this is a high number.  Education is free until the 7th grade.

Well, this is the end of another A to Z Challenge.  I want to thank everyone who stopped by and left comments.  The frequency of the posts will decline, however, Sunshine and I love to explore, so I will continue to make suggestions and other comments.  I have found several new pages for myself to follow.

This post was originally posted on April 30, 2023.

Adventures at Home

Tronster is happily married to a beautiful and sociable partner. With the pandemic restrictions easing up, their family is now able to visit and host parties again. Parties and gatherings are a great way to stay connected with loved ones. Sunshine and I also enjoy hosting a few parties every year, but planning and coordinating with friends and other social events can be challenging. One of the best things about parties is the opportunity to decorate and transform the house in creative ways. We always try to be thrifty while doing so. Below are five things we use during our celebrations, to make the event extra special.

    Backdrop Stand

    This backdrop stand is reasonably priced and has held up for me. I have used it indoors and outdoors. It works better indoors because it is lightweight.


    Having the right backdrop for the event is also important. Make sure you get one that will fit on your stand. Here is a birthday backdrop.

    Take Away Trays

    I am not sure about your typical party, but at ours, we ask our guests to take the leftovers home. A doggie bag. Having a few recycled containers from your local restaurant will come in handy. These are the ones we like to share with our friends.

    Photo Props

    To create a fun activity at home, you can set up a small photo booth using a backdrop and stand. Keep some props for people to enjoy. This can bring people together. You can also choose a theme for your photo booth. For example, we used this pack to create a welcome home party for one of our friends. nearby and see a great way to


    Balloons with and without a stand are always a hit. They are fun for the little ones that may show up, and adults like them too. We never spend a lot, and they will add to any decorative theme you have going.

    Here is a video of our humble home decorated for our last Halloween party. We had so much fun. Much of the decorations were bought online from Amazon

    As an Amazon Associate, I can earn a commission on eligible purchases at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting me.

    First Ever How to Video

    “I want to share how I fixed a squeaky door hinge and provide you with additional information and the basic steps to follow. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a small commission if you click on any of the links from the site. So feel free to click away and thank you for your support.”

    My R10 Camera –

    The Little tool box step :

    The Learning Process

    I am not a skilled videographer or spokesperson, but I enjoyed creating this video and learning about my equipment. I used the iMovie app with the storyboard feature to edit the video, and the camera I used worked perfectly. 

    Basic steps to fix a squeaky door:

    1. Get some oil.  It is said WD-40 is not good for this type of work.  

    2. Remove the pin from the hinge

    3. Clean the pin

    4. Apply some oil to the pin

    5. Replace the pin

    I appreciate the support. As we can all learn new things, do not be afraid to give it a try.

    Thank you for stopping by.

    New Year, New Look

    “TronserNet” has recently undergone a makeover. As I’m nearing my twentieth year of blogging, I decided it was time for a fresh new look. All my previous posts will still be available on my Blogspot page, but this updated version is the new and improved blog..

    What is new?

    I now share not only words, but also videos, how-to’s, and product reviews.

    Adventure in Alaska

    Ketchacan Alaska

    Turning 50 is no joke. I turned 50 this year and wanted a special birthday celebration. So Sunshine and I took an Alaska Cruise, through the inside passage. One stop was Ketchikan. The inside passage cruises seem to end in early to mid-September. So the end of August, which coincidently matches my birthday, was when we took our voyage.

    In the above short video, i used AI tools for most of it, but had so much fun, I made a few more. So enjoy the short clip.

    Thank you for stopping by