Colmar France

A few years back, my smoking-hot wife and I were able to take a little trip to Europe. We visited friends and shared a lot of great memories. One of the places we were able to visit was Comlar Franc


Apparently, it is the third largest commune in the Alsace Region of northeastern France. We had no idea, we just had the opportunity to take a tour. We jumped on it, and I was certainly glad. The town boasts it is “the capital of Alsatian Wine”. As for me, I don’t drink. The city is renowned for the well preserved old town, architectural landmarks, and museums. Our time there did not allow us to take in many of the museums, however, we did walk around the old town.

I want to thank you all for stopping by, and if you have had a chance to visit Colmar, and try the wine. Let everyone know if it is good, bad, average, or the best Alsatian Wine you have ever had.