Salmon Run

Sunshine and I were able to take a nice vacation to Alaska.  More details later, first I wanted to share the site and the amazement I felt when learning about the Salmon.

The Pacific Northwest is known for salmon.  This year I am sure was no different than previous years.  The Salmon Run was almost over while we were visiting.  Sitka Alaska allowed us to see a large number of Salmon.  As a fisherman, I found the hustle and bustle of the run to be very exciting.  As someone who eats what he catches and not a fan of Salmon, I was still impressed. 

Salmon, which are born and spawn in freshwater, live most of their lives in saltwater.  Apparently, this is not true for all species of Salmon.  (I did not know there was some freshwater Salmon). The life in the open ocean lasts between 3 and 5 years for the salmon we observed.  They have been tracked to travel thousands of miles to return to fresh water. It has been studied and determined they also have a homing-type sense.  They generally return to the same waters they were born to spawn and lay eggs.  Who knew? 

I also learned that salmon will rapidly age and deteriorate after spawning.  So if the bears, eagles, hawks, or humans don’t get’em, they just die.  While walking around the different towns in Alaska, I witnessed several salmon just dying.  I was told we were there towards the beginning, so several were still active, but in a couple of weeks, the smell may be a touch more prevalent. 

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